A scenic view of the ocean from Serena Mombasa Hotel

Bus Services to Mombasa

How to Get to Mombasa by Bus A bus ride from Nairobi to Mombasa takes about 8 hours. Comfort and luxury is what you need to make this trip feel like it took less than an hour and to avoid back sores. In a bid to attract more passengers, a number of companies offering bus […]

A business centre at the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi

Internet Service in Kenya

Is Kenya Part of the Global Village? Internet access in Kenya is possible in all major cities and towns as well as in some remote sections of the country. This country’s thirst for a reliable internet connection has made it one of the most advanced in the Sub-Saharan region as far as the internet is […]

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An airstrip in Maasai Mara

Airline Baggage Allowance in Kenya

Domestic Flights Baggage Allowance When packing for your safari in Kenya, remember the airline baggage allowance that limits the weight per passenger. Each airline lists the terms of the service, so you must check in advance and get information from your tour operator. The worst that can happen to you is incurring additional costs or […]

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The Great Rift Valley Lodge championship golf course

2 or 3 Day Safaris in Kenya

Explore Kenya from Dawn to Dusk 2 or 3 day safaris in Kenya have a lot in store. Kenya is a cultural hub, with 43 tribes to learn about, and a tourism hub with hundreds of attractions to visit. Whether you are in the country on a business or leisure trip, in two to three […]

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Play time at Ngong House

Travelling with Kids? The Checklist

Baby on Board! Do not leave your children behind when travelling to Kenya. There are so many, interesting and educative activities that your children will love. Nevertheless, before you book a flight, find a holiday you think is safe, comfortable and worthwhile when travelling with kids. It must be a safari with a comfortable place […]

A traditional dance troupe in Samburu

Traditional Weddings in Kenya

A Traditional Wedding in Kenya Each community in the country celebrates marriage with a host of rites that have been passed down from one generation to the other. For each community in Kenya, the marriage rituals involve bride price, song and dance, feasting and prayers. Therefore, if you wish to have a traditional Kenyan wedding, […]

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Waterlovers Resort has the perfect spot for a beach wedding

Beach Weddings in Kenya

A Beach Wedding in Kenya Beach destination weddings in Kenya offer the scenic ocean and the long sandy beaches as the backdrop of the venue, and a couple and wedding guests enjoy luxurious accommodation in resorts along the coastline. Go wild and create an out of the ordinary wedding because beach wedding ideas are as […]

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