Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge

Hotels in Kenya- Architectural Beauty

Architecture- A Glimpse of Kenya’s Hotels and Camps Many aspects of Kenya are exemplary; architecture will soon be at the top of the list. Buildings make towns, but with Kenya, traditional and modern designs make amazing tourist destinations, both local and international visitors want to go back or forth in time. Kenyans take the arts […]

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The plains of Maasai Mara

Facts about African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog in Kenya A number of wildlife species in Africa are not as popular as the big five or the rare five. Nonetheless, these unknown animals make wildlife safaris memorable when you see them grazing, browsing or hunting. Take for instance, the African wild dog. It is one of the main carnivorous […]

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Oribi antelopes in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Oribi Antelope

Facts about the Oribi Antelope Small, with a long neck and slender legs, an oribi antelope has a speed of 50 kilometres per hour.  Weighing just 22kg, this animal has a height of about 66cm so it is one of the smallest African antelope species. A distinct yellow to brown coat covers the back, neck […]

The Village Market

Best Shopping Malls in Kenya

Where to Shop, Wine and Dine Under One Roof Shopping malls revolutionised numerous things in the world. They made shopping easy, they brought convenience and variety to the shopping experience and they offer dozens of shops under one roof. Malls in Kenya do the same. There are shopping malls in major towns in the country […]

A serval cat in the plains of Maasai Mara

The African Serval Cat

Any Similarities to Other Cats? The African serval cat resembles the domestic cat, though there are a number of distinguishing characteristics. For example, the serval has larger ears adapted for its predatory lifestyle; it is taller and has a shorter tail. It has longer legs that make it easier to hunt in grasslands. There are […]

An African hyena

Facts about Hyenas

What do you know about Hyenas? Hyenas live in many parts of Kenya.  You can spot them in the forest, woodland, savannah, grassland and in mountainous regions. This carnivorous animal is one of the misunderstood species in the wild. Even in African folklore, the hyena gets demeaning characters and it is often times associated with […]

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