Tourists on the plains of Maasai Mara

Wildlife Photography in Kenya

Camera, Lights, Action!-In the Bush Wildlife and nature offers the most striking pictures. In Kenya, there are beautiful sceneries, exotic locations, thousands of plant and animal species. This country welcomes you for a photo safari that will take you to the snowcapped peak of Mount Kenya, the idyllic coastline of the Indian Ocean, the rolling […]

A gerenuk on the plains of Samburu National Park

The peculiar-looking gerenuk of Samburu National Reserve

The name “gerenuk” is a Somali word meaning ‘giraffe-necked’. The gerenuk is a species of antelope that is found in the desert scrubs of Eastern Africa. Gerenuks have small heads that are a contrast in size to their body. More so, their eyes and ears are large, adding to their rather peculiar but endearing beauty. […]

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Grevy's zebras in Samburu National Reserve

Discover the Rare Grevy’s Zebra Only in Kenya

Where to Spot Grevy’s Zebra in Kenya The Grevy’s zebra is the largest of the three zebra species.  You can distinguish it from other sub-species by looking at its ears because they are very large that they resemble a mule’s ears.  You will also notice that it is taller that the other types. Its stripes […]

A table set for diners at the Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel in Nairobi

Hotels in Nairobi

Lounging around: Enjoy exquisite cocktails, coffee, malt brews and ambiance in Nairobi What better way to soak in the city’s vibes than a chilled drink at one of the capital’s lounges? Quality service and original design has become an integral part of all these leading establishments. So why not take a stroll and loll the […]

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Birds on a tree in Tsavo West National Park

Bird Watching in Kenya

Kenya, a Bird’s Paradise Birds in flight have long been a fascination for the old and young alike. Part art, science, sport and addiction; the colour, song and grace of birdlife is what bird watchers love and call ornithology. Armed only with binoculars enjoy east Africa’s rich assortment in birdlife on a rare safari experience. […]

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