An elegant lounge at the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi

5 Star Hotels in Kenya

Welcome to Lavish Living! If you love safaris, if you love the wild plains of Africa and if you wish to travel to an exotic location, travel to Kenya. As far as accommodation is concerned, a host of 5 star hotels in Kenya will gladly take you in and pamper you. Where to Get 5 […]

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Logos of major football clubs in Kenya

Football Clubs in Kenya

Where Football is More than Just a Game Football, local premiership, is gaining popularity. Previously, Kenyans would mostly focus on track and field events, the English Premier League, cricket, the safari rally and rugby. Now, Kenyans flock stadiums to watch local teams battling it out for a spot on the top of the Kenya Premier […]

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A rhino and its cub at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Poaching in Kenya

Does Kenya Have Rhinos or Elephants Anymore? Poaching is one of the greatest evils of man against wildlife. Poaching in Kenya is a crime, punishable by law, but it has become a cancer depleting the country’s population of elephants and rhinos.  These are some of the main species affected by the illegal acts of killing […]

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Kenya's major tourist destinations

Kenya Tourism Circuits-What to see and Where

Explore Kenya’s Enchanted Landscape Tourism circuits group attractions and destinations that are in the same region. The country is broken up into manageable sections that represent different tour circuits. That way, you experience mounting excitement as you criss-cross a region looking for its prized attractions. Essentially, you can combine visits to attractions in different regions, […]

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The beautiful coastline at the coast of Kenya

Why Nyali Bridge is Crucial to The Coast

The Nyali Pontoon Bridge Nyali Bridge is one of the landmarks at the coast of Kenya. This bridge is one of the platforms that link Mombasa Island to the mainland, with the other two causeways North West of the island and Likoni Ferry to the South. Nyali Bridge-Floating bridge Old Nyali Bridge was a floating […]

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Kisumu, where you find Lake Victoria(pictured), is one of Fly540's destinations

Why Fly540?

A Low Cost Airline in Kenya Fly540 is a low cost carrier with offices in Kenya, Ghana and Angola. It operates under subsidiaries in Ghana and Angola that are Fly540 Ghana and Fly540 Angola. In Kenya, this airline offers domestic and international flights with affordable airfares compared to others carriers. Fly540 has a hub within […]

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Chale Island is one of the popular destinations at the coast

Mombasa Air Safari

Domestic Flights Carrier at the Coast Mombasa Air Safari is a Kenyan carrier based at the coast of Kenya. This region is one of the most popular destinations in the country, loved for its white sandy beaches and beautiful all-year round weather. The coastal towns of Mombasa, Malindi, Ukunda and Watamu attract millions of tourists […]

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Swahili-style buildings welcome you to Lamu Town

The Beautiful Islands in Kenya

The Enchanting Islands Islands have always been fascinating lands since time immemorial. Some are mystical locations with magnificent attractions while others are deserted lands. Whichever the case, these beautiful isles should be on your list of must visit destinations. Islands Found in Kenya Lamu Island Kenya This is one of the islands in the Kenyan […]

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The peak of Mount Kilimanjaro visible from Amboseli National Park

Tented Camps in Kenya for a Starry Night

Welcome to the Moonlit Hotel After a day in the plains, viewing wildlife, learning about Kenyan animals and enjoying the scenery, you will obviously need a comfortable place for the night. Most tented camps in Kenya sit on enchanting land within national parks and reserves. Sometimes, the camp may be overlooking a watering hole or […]

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