Logos of mobile service providers in Kenya

Mobile Service Providers in Kenya

Four Service Providers in a Million-Dollar Industry According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, there were about 31 million subscribers in the country by the end of 2013. Safaricom was the biggest operator in Kenya, with about 21m subscribers in December 2013, Airtel had about 5m subscribers while Orange and Yu had over 2m subscribers […]

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A waitress serving pizza at Acapulco Restaurant in Nairobi

Order Pizza in Nairobi| The Best Pizza Joints

What to do when the Craving Strikes Pizza, which is one of the world’s most popular fast foods, is available in Nairobi. In fact, there are fast food joints on most of the city’s major streets and malls so you just walk in and place your order. However, if you wish to have it delivered […]

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Mombasa Old Town

100 Swahili Words for Travellers

Learn East Africa’s Lingua Franca Swahili is Kenya’s national language. It unites over 40 tribes and a couple of foreigners who settled in Kenya centuries ago. You don’t need to master this language before your safari. In actual sense, you can fly into and out of the country without speaking a single word of this […]

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Nyama choma at the Carnivore Restaurant

Top Kenyan Foods you Should Try

Foodies are Welcome! Whether you will spend your holiday in the bustling cities of Kenya or in its countryside, spare some time to sample delicious and exotic Kenyan foods. Additionally, consider carrying with you some Kenya food recipes to wow your friends and relatives after your safari. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, succulent beef, fish, chicken, […]

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Historical tour destination

Famous Monuments of Kenya

The History of Kenya, Told by its Monuments Monuments of Kenya tell a story. A story of the settlement of different nationalities centuries ago, a story of the conquest of this country by the British, a story of the countrymen who fought alongside their colonisers in the first and second world wars. National Monuments of […]

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