Eradication of Malaria

Malaria in Kenya| Fight the Mosquito Menace

The Deadly Bite Mosquitoes can wreck a holiday. They are small but they pack a punch that is lethal if treatment is not forthcoming. There are four epidemiological zones of Malaria in Kenya- highlands, low-risk, endemic and seasonal transmission areas. The western highlands of the county favour vector breeding during the long rains but transmission […]

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Lewa Conservancy

Join Environmental Conservation Projects in Kenya

How to Give Back to Nature Tourism reaps from the beauty of Kenya.  The presence of the country’s unique flora and fauna largely depends on environmental conservation efforts undertaken today. You can be part of this worthy cause. Major Environmental Conservation Projects in Kenya Wildlife Conservation There are numerous conservation projects for different species found […]

Children playing in Malindi

Sponsor a Child| How to in Kenya

Legalities, Pitfalls and Benefits of Philanthropy Sponsorship, for Kenyan children, is one of the benefits derived from tourism, but any person can sponsor a child, whether after visiting the country or by taking up this cause through non-governmental organizations. Sponsorship funds school fees, medical care, sanitation projects in the community, agricultural projects, conservation projects, life-skills […]

Visitors exploring the plains of Maasai Mara

Safaris in Kenya Ideas for Senior Citizens

Kenyan Safaris for Suitable for Senior Citizens Kenya’s splendid landscape, breathtaking attractions, innumerable species and hospitable people offers the perfect mix for anyone looking for fun and adventure in East Africa. There are safaris in Kenya that reach out to adrenaline pumped visitors who wouldn’t mind white water rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving etc. On […]

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