Matatus in Kenya

Matatu Routes in Nairobi

Demystifying Nairobi’s Public Transport Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, serves as the business and industrial hub of the region.  Means of transport from one end of the city to the other include riding a train, a taxi, a private car or using a public bus. In Kenya, matatus rule the streets. These are 14 […]

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Nairobi, Kenya

Living in Nairobi| Estates in the Capital

Where to live in Nairobi Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, and one of Africa’s fastest growing cities.   It is a business hub, packed with various higher education institutions, international organisations, wildlife attractions and recreational centres. Living in Nairobi is advantageous in the sense that residents have quick access to facilities and amenities that […]

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Kenya Bus Stations

Where to Get Airport Buses in Kenya

How to Get to the Airport via Public Transport In Nairobi, you either board a bus, a taxi or ride in a train. There are two airports in Nairobi- Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport. To get there, you can settle for a taxi or use airport buses plying that route. Jomo Kenyatta International […]

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Traditional Marriage Ritual

Marriage Rituals in Kenya| Before ‘Yes I do’

 Before you see Her Walking down the Aisle… Marriage in all communities of Kenya is a sacred union, one that needs blessings from both sides of the family. Unlike other cultures where it mainly involves the nuclear family of the couple, in Kenya, more so in Africa, this celebration brings together the extended families. Couples […]

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Kakamega Forest, Kakamega Town

Bullfighting in Kakamega| Western Kenya’s Fete

A bit Of Spain, in Kenya Bullfighting in Kakamega is a fiery, adrenaline packed affair, similar to the spectacle witnessed on the streets of Spain. However, in Kenya, it is contrary to the arena kind of stadium packed with spectators in Spain and South America. Tauromachy in Kenya takes place in an open field, with […]

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Kenya Boda Boda means of transport

Boda Boda| Kenya’s Latest Means of Transport

From Border to Border Kenya’s mode of inland transport presents a variety of means to move around the country. Of these, use of buses and minibuses (matatus) are the most popular. A third means of transport, the boda boda, is slowly but surely ruling Kenyan roads. The wave of this two-wheeled transport began in the […]

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Shelly Beach Mombasa

Church Owned Hotels in Kenya

Church Owned Luxury Resorts Mainstream churches in Kenya have invested in the hospitality industry by setting up luxury resorts and restaurants around the country. These establishments reach out to all kinds of visitors regardless of religious affiliation. Additionally, to cater for adherents of the faith, some resorts have unique features such as non-alcoholic and non-smoking […]

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Prohibited Exports in Kenya

Facts about Kenya| Prohibited Exports

A Comprehensive List of Prohibited and Restricted Goods Conservation efforts to save Kenya’s flora and fauna have seen the introduction of policies and laws regulating export of some items.   Such information is often published under facts about Kenya in tourism guidebooks. When buying souvenirs, it is wise to adhere to the guidelines about prohibited and […]

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