Biashara Streets, Nairobi

Biashara Street Nairobi| A Shopper’s Paradise

Where Shoppers Throng

Nairobi is rightfully termed as the busiest capital city in East Africa because there are dozens of activities going on every millisecond from downtown in River Road to the quiet professional blocks of Kaunda Street.

Biashara Street Nairobi must be mentioned when talking about business in the city centre. This street, sandwiched between Moktar Daddah Street and Tubman Road, was known as Indian Bazaar in the 10s and 20s. Now, it is known as biashara, a word that means business in Swahili. True to this name, even when this street hosted Indians, Europeans and other nationalities in colonial Kenya, it was a business hub.

Now, there all kinds of shops from textile traders to upholstery, baby stores to Kitenge stores. The shops operate from the morning hours until 5pm when the professionals from Koinange Street, Loita Street and beyond trickle down Biashara Street towards the bus terminuses downtown.

From Monday to half day on Saturday, buyers and window shoppers stream into the shops while others look at items displayed on the windows. This street is popular with retail and wholesale buyers. Some stores have been there for decades. This street is also popular with tailors looking for materials to make curtains and African dresses come to this street from all parts of the city and beyond.

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