Adventurous Things to Do in Kenya

Top 100 Things to Do in Kenya Part 6

51.      Watching Traditional Dances

The 43 tribes of Kenya have so much to show and teach the world. Enjoy cultural dances from the auditorium or join the excited dancers and wiggle to the music.  There are different types of dances depending on the season and the celebration such as harvests, initiation, conquests etc. All tribes have specific dancing style and as is popular with other African communities, Kenyan dance styles are rigorous.

The Bomas of Kenya is the best place to learn some bit of dance and you can join the team on the floor. There are traditional dancers in most resorts and hotels at the coast, in Samburu, Maasai Mara and other destinations.

52.      Eating Out

Discover the culinary skills beyond the hotel or resort you are staying in. Check into a restaurant in the city or town and have a great time tasting local and international cuisine. Nairobi has a variety of restaurants offering international delicacies such as Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese and Moroccan dishes.

The most popular local cuisine includes nyama choma (succulent roasted steak), pilau (coastal rice dish), irio (mashed cereals and vegetables) and Ugali (corn meal).

53.      Attend Horse Racing Events

Visit the Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi for weekend racing events.   Have a ball soaking in the sun, mingling with horse racing enthusiasts, dining outdoors and watching the races. You can even place a bet if you are felling lucky.

The Ngong Racecourse is about an hour’s drive from the city centre, when there is heavy traffic.

54.      Attend a Rugby Match

Kenya is rugby country. It has internationally acclaimed players, great rugby events and millions of enthusiastic fans. Join the action during the Kenya Cup, Enterprise Cup, the National Sevens Circuit etc.

55.      Attend a Football Match

Follow the Kenya Premier League matches from the terrace of major stadiums in the country.    It is always more than just the love of football that brings together Kenyans from different tribes so enjoy the creativity and excitement that comes with big matches. The most awaited matches pit together archrivals Gor Mahia against AFC Leopards.

56.      The Great Wildebeest Migration

From July to October, all roads lead to the plains of Maasai Mara for the God given spectacle as millions of wildebeests migrate from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to enjoy the green pasture in the Mara. Zebras and antelopes   join in the daring journey. These herbivores cross crocodile infested rivers, tactfully escape the jaws of lions, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs and leopards to graze in the sweeping plains.  Watch this action from the sunroof of a land cruiser as you follow the migrating animals.

57.      Nature Walks

Whether in Maasai Mara, Samburu National Park, Amboseli or Tsavo, nature walks are possible. A professional guide will lead you into the bush, explaining bits about the landscape, its wildlife, the weather and historical events that may have taken place there.

58.      Historical Tours

Learn about legends by touring important places they lived in such as the Karen Blixen Museum in Nairobi. Tsavo National Park has amazing scenery, a castle and caves that date back to the world wars.

The central region of the country has other historical caves used by Mau Mau fighters before independence.  You can find these in Narumoru and in the Aberdare Ranges.

59.      Business Conferences/workshops

Kenya is rapidly growing as a business tourism hub. It has played host to numerous international conferences. Attend such functions whenever you are in town. It can be the trade fairs, agricultural shows, educational conferences or cultural gatherings.

60. Attend Art Exhibitions

The Nairobi Gallery, the GoDown Arts Centre, Goethe Institut and Alliance Francaise are some venues that host regular exhibitions. Discover local and international talent through masterpieces on display. This industry is growing fast, and there are many budding artists.

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