Uhuru Park in Nairobi

5 Picnic Sites in Nairobi

Pack a blanket, delicious snacks and drinks, and head to a serene picnic site within Nairobi for an awesome time with family or friends.  Some picnic sites in Nairobi are close to the city centre while others are nestled in the tranquil suburbs away from the skyscrapers. These recreational centres include:

Uhuru Park

Located between the city centre and the rapidly growing business district in Upperhill, Uhuru Park is a tranquil, grassy park that is perfect for picnics.  The artificial lake and historic monuments within the park beautify it further.  The Freedom Corner, a section of the park, is where the late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai staged a protest against the government.

Nairobi Arboretum

Situated a few minutes away from the city centre, this picnic site is particularly the best choice for nature lovers. It has thousands of mature trees, of exotic varieties, and beautiful gardens where you can set your picnic blanket.

Uhuru Gardens

This recreational ground is situated along Lang’ata Road, next to the Carnivore Restaurant.  It was the inauguration ground for the first president of Kenya, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.  Water fountains, monuments and lush gardens are some of the features of the vast grounds.

Oloolua Nature Trail

Oloolua is located out of town, in Karen.  It houses the Institute of Primate Research, which is under the National Museums of Kenya. The nature trail runs through a forest of exotic trees, caves, a waterfall and a swamp. In addition to enjoying a picnic under the shade of the mature trees, you can also take a walk through the enchanting forest.

Paradise Lost

This attraction is located in Kiambu Town, in the outskirts of the city. Caves, a waterfall, spectacular gardens and an artificial lake are some of the interesting features of this attraction.  In addition to having an unforgettable picnic, explore caves, go fishing, ride a horse, ride a camel and learn about different species of birds all within Paradise Lost.

 These amazing attractions within and around Nairobi ought to give you the features you are looking for in a picnic site in the city.

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