The majestic Thomson's Falls in Nyahururu

5 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Kenya

Waterfalls in Kenya vary in width and height.  Some are situated along the main rivers such as the Athi River while others are in exotic forests, only visible after a three-four hour hike through dense vegetation cover.

The most stunning waterfalls in Kenya are:

Fourteen Falls, Thika

This attraction, located about 65km from Nairobi, has a cluster of 14 spectacular waterfalls.  The waterfall’s most striking feature is the series of falls, not the height of its plunge. When it rains, the water volume increases and the plunge sprays the surrounding.

The Fourteen Falls is a popular day trip destination because in addition to sightseeing, visitors also enjoy bird watching, photography, boat riding and fishing. The 27-metre waterfalls are on the channel of the Athi River, off the Thika- Garissa Road.

Thomson’s Falls, Nyahururu

This waterfall plunges 72m in the course of the Ewaso Ng’iro River. Located in Nyahururu, Thomson’s Falls is one of the key attractions in the central part of Kenya, frequented by visitors exploring the Aberdare Ranges.

Thomson’s Falls is a short distance from Nyahururu Town.   A thick forest surrounds the waterfalls, making the place all the more beautiful.  Visitors view this attraction from above, though there is a trail that goes to the bottom of the fall. Upstream, a short distance from the waterfall is a hippo pool.

Zania Falls, Aberdare Ranges

The Aberdare Ranges are scenic from whichever side you explore them, whether from Nyeri or from Naivasha and a day hike to the magnificent Zania Falls is a popular excursion in the ecosystem.  To get to the waterfall, hikers trek down slope, about 200m.

Karuru Falls, Aberdare Forest

This 300m waterfall is one of the main attractions for hikers in Aberdare Forest.  It has three drops and it is about 15metres wide. There are other waterfalls in the Aberdare Rages, such as Gura Falls, but Karuru Falls is the largest and most striking waterfall.

Explore these and other smaller waterfalls such as Sheldrick Falls in Shimba Hills National Reserve.

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