Voyager Beach Resort Bars Restaurants and Lounges

Voyager Beach Resort extends the cruise theme to the choice of entertainment and dining options available. Since a cruise would practically take you to different destinations with different foods and culture, this lodge lets you enjoy such comfort from the first day of your vacation.

True to the theme, the three restaurants on the voyager represent the variety of destinations you can stopover during your cruise. You can literary dock into any of these restaurants for an unforgettable dining experience. Each restaurant has a team of specialist chefs with years of experience preparing the best meals for guests. The choice of meals in these restaurants ranges from local to Mediterranean and international cuisines.

The onboard coffee shop known as the Lighthouse offers snacks and ice cream throughout the day. Treat your children or spouse to a cup of coffee or some ice cream in between meal times.

The restaurants are:

  • Mashua
  • Smuggler’s Cove
  • Minestrone Restaurant

Restaurants and Lounges

Mashua is the Swahili word for boat. To depict this theme, the captain’s table is on the terrace. It is the entertainment spot in the evening. Drop into this restaurant for a delicious buffet breakfast or for dinner.
Its signature is Italian food. With expert chefs and restaurant staff, expect the best pasta and sauces whether for lunch or dinner. With so many activities taking place in this beach resort, it is only wise to have a spot where guests can relax, unwind and converse. This hotel has four bars that are: Kaskazi bar Harbour bar S...
It is the spot for tasty seafood delicacies. Since smugglers and pirates hid in caves and bays, this restaurant is in a discrete coral cove. Enjoy fresh seafood fished from the coastal waters and turned into finger-licking dishes that make you go back for more. This restaurant also serves grilled meat.