Kipungani Explorer Maps Directions and Transportation

Kipungani Explorer Hotel is a luxury beach resort on the southern edge of Lamu Island. This is one of the historic sites in the coastal part of Kenya. It all started as a trading port for various nationalities such as the Arabs thrived into a popular slave trade location before graduating into a tourism hub. Muslims make up a large percentage of the local community. Nonetheless, they do not impose a dress code on visitors.

Facts about Lamu and the Hotel’s Location

The inhabited parts of this region include Lamu Old Town, Shela, Matondoni and Kipungani. Kipungani when loosely translated from Kiswahili means an area with calm and salubrious air. This is precisely what you get when you spend your vacation at Kipungani Explorer Hotel. It occupies natural unpolluted land on the island with extensive white sand beachfront. This makes it one of the few Lamu hotels next with exclusive access to the beach.

From your banda, the traditional coastal hut, the ocean is at your feet and the clear blue sky visible beyond the forest of palm trees in the resort. A calm feeling engulfs you upon arrival at this peaceful and relaxing lodge. Since the nearest village is a distance away, you experience quiet oceanfront accommodation with just the natural sounds of birds on the trees and the water rushing over the sand on a windy day or night.

How to Get to Kipungani Explorer Hotel

Maps and directions show you can get here by air. From Nairobi, it takes about 90 minutes by air. Several air travel companies can link you to this hotel from Nairobi, Malindi or Mombasa. The flight takes about 80 minutes from Mombasa, and half that time from Malindi.

Airlines with these fights include Safari Link, Fly540, Air Kenya and Mombasa Air. From Nairobi, these flights depart from Wilson Airport or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and land at Manda Island. From Mombasa, flight departs from Moi International Airport. If you are in Malindi, your flight departs from Malindi Airport. When you land at the airstrip on Manda Island, a boat transfers you to the resort.