Kipungani Explorer Events and Meetings

Are you looking for a venue for your wedding? Kipungani Explorer is the perfect spot for your wedding if you are looking for superb catering, idyllic reception and a romantic honeymoon. Lamu Island is one of the most romantic places in East Africa. It portrays all aspects that a couple may be looking for in a destination wedding. These factors are

  • Great climate
  • Secluded location
  • The beach
  • Sumptuous food

This region is hot and sunny most time of the year. The ocean sends a cool breeze to pacify the air when it gets extremely hot. Prepare for your wedding without fear or angry clouds coming down before you are through with your vows.

If you want a small wedding or a large one with a horde of invited guests, you can have it here but without having to deal with uninvited guests.

Since it is a secluded spot, you can determine who attends your wedding without fear of gate crushers. The ceremony can take place on the beach, facing the ocean, with a palm tree carpet under your feet and several rows of seated guests to witness your nuptial vows. The bandas nest beneath palm trees creating a secluded environment for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon.

With easy access to the beach, a quick dive can help you and your spouse cool off. You can also embark on other activities such as windsurfing, waterskiing, deep–sea fishing, snorkelling and sightseeing among others. These adventures are fun, but they get better when you have someone with whom to share the challenge, laughs or tears of joy. With this wealth of activities, your destination wedding will stun guests because they have something to take part in before or after the ceremony. The beach also leads to striking and attractive pictures of your occasion.

Treat your guests to international cuisine whether they are yearning for seafood or vegetarian dishes. Nonetheless, Kipungani Explorer resort does not only cater for weddings. You can hold a corporate meeting or celebration here. Apart from the peaceful environment, you also benefit from a comfortable lounge, telephone and internet services.

Events and Meetings

Take your vows in the world’s most spectacular island-paradise of Lamu, Kipungani is one of Africa’s most remote, relaxing, and richly romantic coastal hideaways. You can choose a traditional wedding according to your customs, or dress in the local finery of the indigenous people. Everything from the smallest detail can be arranged – from...