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Lamu Island
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Kipungani Explorer |  Heritage Hotels

The beach is a magical place that delights every heart regardless of cultural or social background. Kipungani Explorer resort lets you enjoy a vacation along the Indian Ocean while staying in a luxurious banda (traditional chalet).

13 spacious chalets cover a part of the beachfront location under the shade of palm trees. To achieve its eco-friendly objective, this hotel uses local materials such as palm trees to construct bandas, and decorate the interior. The outcome is a luxurious room with an iconic coastal exterior and a modern furnished interior. You get a large bed with canopy curtains around it, some chairs and a private terrace facing the beach. Experience the magic of watching the sun go down in the horizon where the sky meets the ocean.

It is a serene and quiet vacation with just the cool sounds of the waves hitting the shore on a windy night. Walk along the beach or just stand and stare into the horizon; there is no one to ask you in this 600-meter stretch of Lamu.

The palm trees and mangrove forest in the vicinity make you long for the adventures lined up for you. Here, you can have fun until you drop because there is so much to explore If you want to go shopping, there is a gift shop on site; if you need a day of adventure, try windsurfing, kayaking, deep-sea game fishing, sailing or sightseeing.

Travel beyond Lamu Island to seek adventure in the town and its environs. The romantic and relaxing setting of coastal towns presents a never-ending bundle of activities for all enthusiasts. After all your adventures, drop into Kipungani Explorer’s restaurant for an exquisite array of seafood and other cuisines. True to the popular view that the coast is a place of love, adventure and great food, the chefs in this hotel do not disappoint. They outdo themselves with every course laid before you in the awesome dining area that overlooks the ocean.

You may come back to this resort as often as you like because every time, look forward to

  • Great food
  • Excellent en-suite bandas
  • Great adventure
  • Great climate


Beach Holiday in Lamu |Kipungani Explorer

Kipungani Explorer Hotel is the place to stay if you intend to explore Lamu. This town is one of the most popular destinations for an African beach safari. It has excellent climate, hospital communities, historical significance and a wealth of activities both on land and in the water. The lodge sits on an expansive part of Lamu Island just close to the shores of the Indian Ocean. From your banda (palm tree cabin), you can see the ocean and the white sandy beach.

Unwind on the private terrace as you figure out which activities you should undertake. If you want fun in a laid-back style, try shopping. The gift shop in the resort offers hand crafted items that you can carry home as a souvenir of your vacation in Africa. Sightseeing is another slow-paced activity for tour of the region. The coastal part of Kenya has historical landmarks that date back to centuries ago when Arabs, Italians, Persians, Portuguese and others sailed into the country. Places of interest include the ruins of Takwa Town and Lamu Museum.

Adventure comes in when you take part in

  • Nature walks
  • Water skiing
  • Bird watching
  • Cultural walks
  • Shopping
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Crab catching expeditions


Beach Front Accomodation at kipungani Explorer| Lamu

Kipungani Explorer Lodge sits on the edge of Lamu Island. It occupies about 600meters. Apart from its strategic location close to the ocean, this hotel boasts of unlimited access to the sandy beach next to its perimeter wall. Listen to the rush of water as waves hit the shore. View the calm ocean day and night from your sleeping quarters. A flight of stairs leads to the beach. The resort resembles a coastal village with thatched roofs peeping in a forest of palm trees.

In this hotel, you stay in a traditionally styled hut known as a banda. These chalets have a thatched roof and palm tree walls. Some buildings, such as the massage room, rest on a raised wooden deck that is a few meters from the ground.

The hotel used local materials. It has an on-site well to offer fresh water for bathing and for other uses. There is a reliable power supply in the resort. You can charge your camera or phone in the banda.

Kipungani Explorer Maps and Directions|Lamu

Kipungani Explorer Hotel is a luxury beach resort on the southern edge of Lamu Island. This is one of the historic sites in the coastal part of Kenya. It all started as a trading port for various nationalities such as the Arabs thrived into a popular slave trade location before graduating into a tourism hub. Muslims make up a large percentage of the local community. Nonetheless, they do not impose a dress code on visitors.

Facts about Lamu and the Hotel’s Location

The inhabited parts of this region include Lamu Old Town, Shela, Matondoni and Kipungani. Kipungani when loosely translated from Kiswahili means an area with calm and salubrious air. This is precisely what you get when you spend your vacation at Kipungani Explorer Hotel. It occupies natural unpolluted land on the island with extensive white sand beachfront. This makes it one of the few Lamu hotels next with exclusive access to the beach.

From your banda, the traditional coastal hut, the ocean is at your feet and the clear blue sky visible beyond the forest of palm trees in the resort. A calm feeling engulfs you upon arrival at this peaceful and relaxing lodge. Since the nearest village is a distance away, you experience quiet oceanfront accommodation with just the natural sounds of birds on the trees and the water rushing over the sand on a windy day or night.

How to Get to Kipungani Explorer Hotel

Maps and directions show you can get here by air. From Nairobi, it takes about 90 minutes by air. Several air travel companies can link you to this hotel from Nairobi, Malindi or Mombasa. The flight takes about 80 minutes from Mombasa, and half that time from Malindi.

Airlines with these fights include Safari Link, Fly540, Air Kenya and Mombasa Air. From Nairobi, these flights depart from Wilson Airport or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and land at Manda Island. From Mombasa, flight departs from Moi International Airport. If you are in Malindi, your flight departs from Malindi Airport. When you land at the airstrip on Manda Island, a boat transfers you to the resort.

Where to eat in Lamu|Kipungani Explorer

A myriad of words describe a good meal. You can say the food was excellent, exquisite, healthy or luscious. After a meal at Kipungani Explorer Hotel in Lamu, you shall use these and more words to describe the finger-licking experience. The food is awesome because this hotel has

  • Qualified and competent chefs
  • A regular supply of the best produce
  • The best dining atmosphere

Qualified and Competent Chefs

To make this resort one of the best hotels in the world, the culinary team undergoes extensive assessment during recruitment, to ensure that the staff can offer international quality meals. The restaurant team knows how to prepare popular dishes in the world. They have experience from working in international standard kitchens and attending to dietary needs of different people. For that reason, you can only expect delicious and tasty meals served by professionals.

Fresh Local Produce

Lamu Island is accessible from all parts of the country. With the ocean a footstep away from the hotel, there is a regular supply of seafood and shipping of any produce that is not available in the region.From fruits to vegetables and spices, you can only expect the best.

Dining Atmosphere

Delight in the thoughts of dining while watching a handful or boats on the ocean. These water vessels look like fragments against the miles of water that meets with the horizon a distance away from the hotel. From the raised deck of the dining room, you have unlimited view of the ocean. Watch waves as they form ripples on the water when a cool breeze blows over the ocean. The quiet and serene environment lets you enjoy your meal in silence. Do not forget that your dish might be one of those tasty seafood cuisines popular with chefs in this hotel.

At night, lamps light up the dining area. Enjoy the elegant setting with lamps on the floor and on the tables. The lounge exudes a coastal theme with hammock style seats with pillows. You can also rest on the sofa as you catch up with friends or just sit and relax and enjoy your holiday.

Event venues at Kipungani Explorer |  Lamu

Are you looking for a venue for your wedding? Kipungani Explorer is the perfect spot for your wedding if you are looking for superb catering, idyllic reception and a romantic honeymoon. Lamu Island is one of the most romantic places in East Africa. It portrays all aspects that a couple may be looking for in a destination wedding. These factors are

  • Great climate
  • Secluded location
  • The beach
  • Sumptuous food

This region is hot and sunny most time of the year. The ocean sends a cool breeze to pacify the air when it gets extremely hot. Prepare for your wedding without fear or angry clouds coming down before you are through with your vows.

If you want a small wedding or a large one with a horde of invited guests, you can have it here but without having to deal with uninvited guests.

Since it is a secluded spot, you can determine who attends your wedding without fear of gate crushers. The ceremony can take place on the beach, facing the ocean, with a palm tree carpet under your feet and several rows of seated guests to witness your nuptial vows. The bandas nest beneath palm trees creating a secluded environment for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon.

With easy access to the beach, a quick dive can help you and your spouse cool off. You can also embark on other activities such as windsurfing, waterskiing, deep–sea fishing, snorkelling and sightseeing among others. These adventures are fun, but they get better when you have someone with whom to share the challenge, laughs or tears of joy. With this wealth of activities, your destination wedding will stun guests because they have something to take part in before or after the ceremony. The beach also leads to striking and attractive pictures of your occasion.

Treat your guests to international cuisine whether they are yearning for seafood or vegetarian dishes. Nonetheless, Kipungani Explorer resort does not only cater for weddings. You can hold a corporate meeting or celebration here. Apart from the peaceful environment, you also benefit from a comfortable lounge, telephone and internet services.

Kipungani Explorer|Eco-Lodge|Lamu

Kipungani Hotel Lamu sits on the edge of Lamu Island with a 600-meter stretch of the beach. It is an exclusive spot to unwind away from the rest of the world. The resort has 13 bandas that resemble the traditional coastal hut. With a thatched roof and a palm carpet floor, you can mistake these units for a coastal village. Nonetheless, the facilities and amenities within the chalets quickly dispel your previous thought because of the luxury and comfort given.

Stay in this resort for an unforgettable vacation. It is an intimate spot accessible by boat from the mainland. This makes it perfect for individuals and groups that seek the ultimate coastal expedition.


13 chalets perched on a large field with palm trees is the picture that greets you as you sail to this part of Lamu Island. The private verandas of these luxury bandas face the ocean giving you a spectacular view. Simplistic is the best way to describe the architecture of this hotel when viewed from outside. From the thatched roof to the palm tree walls, it looks like a hut stuck in the middle of a forest.

Nonetheless, when you walk through the veranda into the room, you are dumbstruck by the relaxing atmosphere generated by the furnishings. The bed, chair, lamps and the desk bring out a coastal theme. Each unit has en-suite facilities such as a fresh water shower, modern toilet, a dressing area and washbasins.

Facilities and Amenities

Kipungani Explorer Hotel Lamu does not focus on luxury in the banda only. It also provides elegant facilities and amenities in the restaurant and lounge.

  • Swimming pool
  • Gift shop
  • Safety deposit box
  • Internet link
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Lounge
  • Bar


The beach is synonymous with fun and adventure. Here, it is a once in a lifetime chance to explore the ocean through different activities. They include

  • Water sports
  • Shopping
  • Nature walks
  • Sightseeing
  • Industrial visits
  • Water sports

Water sports

The coast provides unique sports that involve touring the ocean, along the beach and under the water. At this resort, prepare for windsurfing, kayaking, waterskiing, snorkelling, swimming, deep-sea fishing and sailing among others. You do not have to be an expert or a professional athlete to undertake these events. They just let you enjoy the ocean in a different way instead of watching the water from a distance.


The gift shop in this beach resort sell artifacts among other things. Spend the afternoon shopping for souvenirs to carry back home.

Nature walks

Spot different bird species during excursions in the dense forest on the Island. Discover indigenous species that flock this coastal paradise.


Explore Lamu town and beyond to spot historical buildings and monuments such as museums. It is the best way to learn about this region, its people and culture.

Industrial visits

Take a tour of industries in the area to learn about the local lifestyle and the people’s economic undertakings. Your trip takes you to boat builders and mat weavers among others. You have so many activities to make your holiday memorable and self-fulfilling.

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