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Welcome to Journey Kenya

Whatever activities and experiences you desire – Journey Kenya can help you create the perfect holiday for all occasions. Click on the different icons to take a journey through the diverse activities and experiences offered in Kenya, we’ll tell you where its happening, how to get there, where to stay, how to pay, what to pack, what you’ll expect with more detail than the spots on a Kenyan leopard!

Speaking of wildlife, we will guide you through the lodges and camping sites available not only in our 7th wonder of the world – the Maasai Mara, but to other unique and undiscovered destinations. Getting married? Why not look at our link on Lake Nakuru – picture a beautiful lake with pink packed flamingo as part of your guests when you say ‘I do’.

Whether it’s a wildlife safari adventure, a relaxing holiday or a once in a lifetime experience. Journey Kenya has it all. Safari njema!

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Whats Hot

Get facts about Kenya’s destinations, luxury resorts and events. We tell you what’s happening when, and where.


Discover famous locations and find the best destination for your wildlife safari in Kenya.

Bespoke Holidays

A bespoke holiday package that fits your needs. Customize when you wish to travel, where to visit and stay.

Things to Do

Find out which activities should be on your bucket list when you come for your wildlife safari in Kenya.

Best Events in Kenya

Kwani Literary Festival

Nairobi National Museum, a popular venue for the Kwani Litfest

A biennial festival for literature lovers.

Starts From

View details

Nairobi Fashion Market 2013

Nairobi Fashion Market

Meet Kenyan designers, mingle, and have fun.

Starts From

View details

Kijani Kenya Music Festival

The awe-inspiring Hell's Gate National Park played host to a previous Kijani Kenya Music Festival event.

Watch famous musicians perform in the wild.

Starts From

View details

Our Client’s Words

Why should you love Journey Kenya?

Journey Kenya is your gateway to Kenya’s beautiful beaches and breathtaking wildlife national parks. Our experienced staff will get you closer to that unforgettable safari experience. We have the inside track on Kenya’s major destinations, hidden gems, what to do, where to stay, exciting places to eat or have a drink. For those looking for an off the beaten path experience we’re your Africa travel partner of choice.

We help you create a bespoke safari holiday to Kenya

We parley your lingo, Kenya or Kenia? How do I combine my Kenya Safari with a Tanzania one?

If you’re just looking for a wildlife safari in Africa, we work with you to create that Kenia-Tanzania safari holiday that takes you from the masai mara to the serengeti the worlds sweetest spot for a wildlife safari tour offering the best wildlife safari experience combined with the best luxury safari accommodation in the world.

Map of Kenya

Places to go on holiday in Kenya

We cover Kenya

Get the information you need to plan a safari in any part of Kenya from the North to the idyllic coast.

There are so many ways for you to view the thousands of wildlife species in Kenya. You can do it the traditional way through a game drive, a guided walk and a bird watching safari.

On the other hand, you can do it the wild way. Enjoy a relaxing sundowner as you watch wildlife around a watering hole in the depth of the bush; savour a mouth-watering meal in the bush a few metres away from wild, untamed animals; fly over a national park at dawn in a hot air balloon.

Discover the big five, the rare five and hundreds of bird species.  At Journey Kenya, the possibilities are endless.

Karibu Kenya!

Explore Kenya as you sink your feet in hot, white sand along the shores of the Indian Ocean. Water sports at the coast of Kenya range from relaxing walks on the beach to deep sea fishing expeditions, snorkeling to scuba diving and sailing.

There are numerous luxurious, private, intimate beach resorts in Mombasa, Watamu, Malindi, Lamu Island and in Ukunda.  We shall take you there.

Discover Kenya an Amazing Video

Journey Kenya

Kenya has fun-filled destinations, otherworldly attractions, famous species and over 43 ethnic communities. It has plush resorts, lavish hotels and numerous tented camps for an unforgettable under the canvas experience. Enjoy this video by Samantha Van Eldik, stay at Governors Camp Masai Mara the sweetest safari spot in Africa.

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Kenya Holidays

Wildlife Safari

Explore the home of the Eighth Wonder of the World and see the big five and the rare five species that inhabit the wild plains.

Beach Holiday

Kenya’s beaches and islands offer you some of the most beautiful beaches and quality resorts in the world. Find a package that suits you from lengthy walks on the white sandy shore to adrenaline-packed exploration of the ocean.


Get honeymoon packages to the most romantic destinations in Kenya for a luxurious, intimate time with your loved one. We have romantic wildlife and beach safaris.


Embark on thrilling excursions of famous destinations like Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu and the adventure-laden coastline.

Best Destinations in Kenya




Our Blog – Discover Kenya

Read facts about events, places of interest, activities and destinations in Kenya.

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A luxury tent at Little Governors' Camp, which is one of the two camps within the Mara Triangle.

A Safari in the Mara Triangle

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Nairobi National Museum

Popular Rock Art Sites in Kenya

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